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Biography of Bruce Lee

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A Tribute To Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee on gurad position


This article is an excerpt from the bruce lee foundation

BRUCE LEE (1940-1973) is considered the greatest martial artist of the 20th century. A true renaissance man, Lee was a talented artist, poet, philosopher, writer and actor, apart from being a formidable fighter. His insights into philosophy, physical fitness, self-defence, and movie making, have been enjoyed and lauded by millions of people around the world for well over two decades. He is the founder of Jeet Kune Do, the first martial art to ever be predicated on total freedom for the individual practitioner. A learned man, Lee attended the University of Washington where he majored in philosophy. His personal library contains over 2500 books on topics ranging from Eastern Yoga to Western Psychoanalysis. His philosophy and example continue to inspire athletes and artists from around the world.

BRUCE LEE was born in San Francisco in 1940. He returned to Hong Kong with his parents at the age of three-months. While growing up in Hong Kong, Lee made a total of 18 films. At the age of 18, he boarded a ship that returned him to America. After staying briefly in San Francisco, Lee finally settled in Seattle where he went on to study philosophy at the University of Washington. Lee published his first book in 1963 entitled Chinese Gung Fu: The Philosophical Art of Self-defence After thoroughly researching the human sciences of kinesiology and physiology, Lee began to create his own method of self-defence - predicated for the first time in the history of combat on unconditional freedom of expression for the individual practitioner.

As a direct result of his personal applications of his research, Bruce Lee quickly emerged as the leading martial artist of his generation, eventually opening three schools located in Seattle, Oakland and Los Angeles. He married in 1964 to American Linda Emery, then a student in one of his Seattle gung fu classes. Together they formed a perfect example of yin-yang; with each one complementing the distinctive qualities of the other. Their union also brought forth two children; Brandon Bruce Lee, (born February 1, 1965) and Shannon Emery Lee (born April 19, 1969). Lee was a devoted family man, who much preferred staying home with his wife and children than attending parties, film premieres and the resulting celebrity trappings that attend a successful career in film.

Bruce Lee in the finale scene of the movie 'Enter the Dragon'
After a particularly electrifying demonstration
at a Long Beach karate tournament in 1964, Lee was offered the role of "Kato" in The Green Hornet television series. The syndication of the show gave Lee a substantial following, and after continuing to ply his trade both as an actor and a teacher in America, he accepted an offer to star in two movies in Hong Kong. The films were huge box-office successes in Southeast Asia ("The Big Boss" and "Fist of Fury").

Bruce Lee in action in the movie 'Enter The Dragon'

The financial success of his first two films gave Lee the creative latitude to direct his next film "The Way of the Dragon," which he also scripted, co-produced and starred in. At the same time, he was signed to star in "Enter the Dragon", his last film, and the first co-production between American and Hong Kong film studios. The film proved to be an international hit, famous as much for its pearls of wisdom ("It is like a finger pointing a way to the moon - [but] don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory") as it was for its spectacular martial art action sequences.

During his lifetime, Bruce Lee cultivated a personal philosophy, a synthesis of Eastern and Western insights into the human condition, which helped him overcome many adversities and to achieve unparalleled greatness in his career. Lee passed away at age 32 on July 20, 1973, the result of hypersensitivity to a pain medication he had taken to alleviate a headache. Despite his passing, Lee's thought continues to inspire and influence thousands of individuals from all walks of life, while Lee's contributions to the action film genre opened the door for all of the action films and action film stars that have followed in the years since his passing.

Bruce Lee's Gravestone - A tribute to a Great Warrior and an Innovator' A tribute to commemorate Bruce Lee from Master Wai-Po Tang of the Martial Art Institute International. "To Bruce: a Great Warrior and a Great Innovator -A man whom made changes to the world's perception of the Chinese identity and it's respect."

The information on this page based on the biography
"Bruce Lee: The Man Only I Knew" by Linda Lee.

1940 - November 27 - San Francisco- In the The Year of the Dragon between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. (the hour of the dragon), Lee Jun Fan, Bruce Lee is born at the Jackson Street Hospital in San Francisco Chinatown while his father and mother travelled to the US Lee Hoi Chuen, Bruce's father, was performing with the Cantonese Opera Company in America. At three months old, Bruce debuts in "Golden Gate Girl" in San Francisco, CA. He plays role of a female baby, carried by his father.

1941 (Age 1): Hong Kong - Bruce and his parents return to Kowloon, their family home. They move to into an apartment at 218 Nathan Road, Kowloon district. The apartment is located on the second story of a building which contained a store on the ground level.
1946 (Age 6): Hong Kong - Bruce makes his first major childhood movie in The Beginning of a Boy. Later this year, he performs in The Birth of Mankind, and My Son, Ah Cheun. (During the later years of his childhood, Bruce appears in 20 more films in Asia. In these films, Bruce's vivid facial expressions begin to delve, and they foreshadow his future expressions in his famous Kung-Fu movies. Bruce becomes nearsighted and starts wearing glasses. (He will later start wearing contacts, suggested to him by a friend who is an optometrist.)
1952 (Age 12): Hong Kong - Bruce begins attending La Salle College.

Sifu Yip Man
1953 (Age 13): Hong Kong - After being beaten up by a street gang, Bruce begins to take Kung-Fu lessons, despite local Hong Kong laws, outlawing streetfights. This is the first, and the last time Bruce looses a fight. He begins to train under Sifu Yip Man, a master of the Wing Chun system of Kung-Fu.

Bruce Lee with Grandmaster Yip Man / Ip Man Bruce standing next to Wing Chun Great Grandmaster Yip Man

1954 (Age 14): Hong Kong - Bruce takes up cha-cha dancing.

1958 (Age 18): Hong Kong - Bruce wins the Crown Colony Cha-cha Championship. Bruce has a leading role in the film The Orphan. This is the last movie Bruce makes as a child actor. This is the only movie where Bruce does not fight.

1958 (Age 18): ??? - Bruce enters the 1958 Boxing Championships and defeats the reigning three year champion, Gary Elms.

1959 (Age 19): Hong Kong - Because of numerous street fighting, causing police involvement, Bruce's father and mother decide that Bruce should take a three week voyage to the United States. The trip is a possible means to get him back on the right track. He return to his birthplace -- San Francisco Chinatown. Time was also running out for him to claim his American Citizenship.

1959 (Age 19): San Francisco - Seattle - With $15 from his father, and $100 from his mother, Bruce arrives in the United States, living with an old friend of his father's. He works odd jobs around the various Chinese communities. Later, he moves to Seattle to work for Ruby Chow, another friend of his father's. He lives in a room above her restaurant while working as a waiter downstairs. He eventually enrols in Edison Technical School and earns his high school diploma. Bruce begins to teach his Martial Art skills in backyards and city parks.

1961 - March (Age 21): Seattle- Bruce enrols at the University of Washington, studying Philosophy. He teaches Kung-Fu to students at school.

1963 - Summer (Age 23): Hong Kong - Bruce proposes to Amy Sanbo but is turned down. Bruce returns to Hong Kong with friend Doug Palmer for the first time since his arrival in the US to visit family. He then returns to Seattle at the end of summer to continue his education.

1963 - October 25 (Age 23): Seattle - Bruce takes out Linda Emery (his future wife) for their first date. They have dinner at the Space Needle. Bruce gives notice to Ruby Chow and leaves her restaurant. He starts the first Jun Fan Kung-Fu Institute.

1963 - Fall (Age 23): Seattle - Bruce moves his Jun Fan Kung-Fu Institute into a building (4750 University Way) near the university campus. He teaches any person of any race. (most Asian Martial Arts schools would only teach people of their own race)

The One Inch Punch
At Garfield High School, Bruce demonstrates the "One-Inch Punch". This is the punch he would later make famous at the 64' Long Beach Internationals and which was developed by him and James DeMile in Seattle. Bruce would hold his arm straight out, and with a shrug of his shoulder, knock a man straight across the ground.

1964 (Age 24): Bruce meets Jhoon Rhee at the International Karate Championships. The two would remain good. (Jhoon Rhee will invite Bruce to Washington, D.C. to appear at tournaments.)

1964 - June (Age 24): ??? - Bruce discusses with James Yimm Lee plans to open a second Jun Fan Kung-Fu Institute in Oakland, CA.

1964 - Summer - Oakland (Age 24): Plans are finalise, and Bruce leaves Seattle to start a second Jun Fan Kung-Fu school in Oakland. His good friend, Taky Kimura, takes over as head instructor.

1964 - August 17 (Age 24): Seattle - Bruce returns to Seattle to marry Linda. They soon move to Oakland.

1964 - August 2 (Age 24): Long Beach, Ca - Ed Parker, known as the Father of American Karate (Kenpo), invites Bruce to give a demonstration. Bruce shows off his "one-inch punch," and his two-finger push-ups, where he literally does "two" finger push-ups. At his first International Karate Championships, Jay Sebring, the hair stylist for Batman, William dozier, a producer, who is looking to cast a part in a TV series he was developing. Sebring then gives a film of Bruce's demo to Dozier who is impressed at Bruce's superhuman abilities. Bruce later files down to Los Angeles for a screen test.

1964 - August 4 (Age 24): Oakland - Bruce leaves for Seattle. He will propose to Linda.

1965 (Age 24): Oakland - Several months after he begins teaching, he is challenged by, Wong Jack Man, a leading Kung-Fu practitioner in the Chinatown Community. They agree: If Bruce looses, he will, either close his school, or stop teaching Caucasians; and if Jack looses, he will stop teaching. Jack Man Wong does not belie Bruce would actually fight, and tries to delay the match. Bruce becomes angered and insists that they not wait. Wong then tries to put limitations on techniques. Bruce refuses "rules"and the two go no holds barred. Bruce begins to pound his opponent in only a couple of seconds. As Bruce is winning, Wong attempts to flee, but is caught by Bruce. Bruce begins to beat him on the ground. Students of the other teacher attempted to step in and help their teacher, James Lee, Bruce's good friend prevent this. Later he is bothered on why the fight took so long and begins to re-evaluate his style. He is determined that he is not in his top physical condition. Thus, the early concepts of Jeet Kune Do (JKD), "The art of the intercepting fist" is created. JKD is an art including techniques of all types of fighting. (i.e. American Boxing, Thai Kick Boxing, Japanese Karate, etc.) His style is no style.
Bruce is signed to a one-year option for The Green Hornet. He is paid an $1800 retainer.
Linda, Bruce,and son, Brandon

1965 - February 1 (Age 25): Oakland, CA - Brandon Bruce Lee is born.

1965 - February 8 (Age 25): Hong Kong - Bruce's father passes away in Hong Kong. Bruce returns to Hong Kong for his fathers funeral. As tradition dictates, in order to obtain forgiveness for not being present when his father died, Bruce crawls on his knees across the floor of the funeral home towards the casket wailing loudly and crying.

1965 - May (Age 25): ??? Bruce uses the retainer money from the Green Hornet and files himself, Linda, and Brandon back to Hong Kong in order to settle his father's estate affairs. While in Hong Kong, Bruce takes Brandon to see Yip Man to persuade Yip to perform on tape. Bruce wants to take the footage back to Seattle and show his students what the man looks like in action. Yip modestly declines.

1965 - September (Age 25): Seattle - Bruce, Linda, Brandon return to Seattle.
Bruce Lee as Kato

1966 (Age 26): Los Angeles - Bruce and family move to Los Angeles to an apartment on Wilshire and Gayley in Westwood. This is where he begins working on a new TV series called The Green Hornet as Kato. The Green Hornet series starts filming and Bruce was Paid $400 per episode. Bruce buys a 1966 blue Chevy Nova. Bruce is later known to have got the part of Kato because he was the only person who could accurately pronounce the star's name, Britt Reid. He later opens third branch of the Jun Fan Kung-Fu Institute in Los Angeles' Chinatown.

1966 - September 9 (Age 26): Los Angeles - The Green Hornet series premiers.

1967-1971 (Age 27-31): Hollywood - During this time, Bruce lands bit parts in various films and TV series. He also gives private lessons for up to $250 an hour to personalities Steve McQueen, James Coburn, James Garner, Lee Marvin, Roman Polanski, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Bruce meets Chuck Norris in New York at the All American Karate Championships in Washington DC Chuck fights Joe Lewis and wins.

1967 (Age 27): Washington, DC - Bruce meets Joe Lewis at The Mayflower Hotel while both were guests at the 67' National Karate Championships. Joe is competing in the tournament and Bruce is making special appearances as Kato.

1967 - February (Age 27): Los Angeles - Bruce opens a 3rd school at 628 College Street, Los Angeles, CA. Dan Inosanto serves as assistant instructor.

1967 - July 14 (Age 27): Los Angeles - The last episode of The Green Hornet Series shows. The movie is later said to have failed because Bruce, a minor role became more popular than the main character.

1969 - April 19 (Age 29): Santa Monica, CA Shannon Lee is born.

1969 (Age 29): ??? - A scriptwriter is hired and paid $12K by Stirling Silliphant and James Coburn to write a script for the Silent Flute. The script produced is unacceptable, and no other scriptwriter could seen to do the job. They then decide to write it themselves.

1970 (Age 30): Los Angeles - Bruce injures his sacral nerve and experienced severe muscle spasms in his back while training. Doctors told him that he would never kick again. During the months of recovery he starts to document his training methods and his philosophy of Jeet Kune Do. Later after his death, The Tao of Jeet Kune Do is published by his wife in memory of Bruce Lee.

1970 (Age 30): Hong Kong - Bruce and Brandon fly to Hong Kong and are welcomed by fans of The Green Hornet Show.

Bruce sends Unicorn to talk to Run Run Shaw on his behalf and inform Shaw that he would be willing to do a movie for him for $10K. Shaw makes counteroffer of a seven year contract and $2K per film which Bruce declines.

1971 - February (Age 31): India - Bruce, James Coburn, Stirling Silliphant fly to India to scout locations for The Silent Flute. They spend one month searching but are forced to call off the search as Coburn backs out of the project. This trip gives Bruce the idea for Game of Death, where a fighter, mastering in several techniques, will go from one level to the next in a temple: the first level (the level of weaponry), the second level (the level of the nine degree black belt), and the third level ( "The level of the unknown.")

1971 (Age 31): Hong Kong. - Bruce takes a short trip back to Hong Kong to arrange for his mother to live in the US Unknowingly to him, he had become a superstar for The Green Hornet was one of the most popular TV shows in Hong Kong. Later, he is approached by Raymond Chow, owner of a new production company, and offered the lead role in a new film called The Big Boss. Bruce accepts.

Bruce is supplied with small furnished apartment at 2 Man Wan Road - Kowloon, HK. Wu Ngan, moves in with Bruce and Linda. Later Wu Ngan marries and his new wife moves in as well. Brandon attends La Salle College. The same school Bruce attended only 15 years before.

Bruce Lee interviewed by Pierre Berton
Bruce is interviewed by Canadian talk show host, Pierre Berton, for a TV program being filmed in Hong Kong. This is the only on film said to be in existence.

1971- July (Age 31): Thailand - Filming begins for The Big Boss (released in the US as Fists of Fury). The Big Boss opens in Hong Kong to great reviews and mobs of fans. Proceeds to gross more than $3.5 million in little than three weeks.

1971 - December 7 (Age 31): Hong Kong - Bruce receives telegram, notifying him that he had not been chosen for the part in the upcoming series, The Warrior. This series was later released as Kung-Fu, staring David Carradine, who doesn't know shit about martial arts. (The show aired as ABC-TVs Movie of the Week on February 21, 1972.)
Bruce in fist of Fury

1972 (Age 32): Hong Kong - Fist of Fury (released in the US As The Chinese Connection) is released. It grosses more than The Big Boss and further establishes Bruce as a Hong Kong superstar. Bruce gets a larger budget, a larger salary, and more power of directing in this film.

Bruce and Kareem Abdul-Jabbarin Game of Death

Bruce begins work on Game of Death and films several fight scenes including Danny Inosanto and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Bruce appears on Hong Kong's TVB channel for a hurricane disaster relief benefit. In a demo Bruce performs, he breaks 4 out of 5 boards, one of which is hanging in the air with a line of string. Brandon even performs and breaks a board with a sidekick!

Bruce helps Unicorn, a fellow actor, by assisting him for one day and supervises fight action sequences in Unicorn's film, The Unicorn Palm - Footage of Bruce on the set is used in the movie and Bruce's name appears in the credits to his surprise causing Bruce to become angry and make a public announcement denying his endorsement of the film. Unicorn was advised to get Bruce's name in the credits, so his movie would have a better chance at being a success.

Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in Return of the Dragon (Way of The Dragon)
1972 (Age 32): Rome, Italy - Location shots are made for Bruce's third film The Way of the Dragon (released in the US As The Return of the Dragon). This time Bruce gets almost complete control the the movie, which he writes, directs, and stars in. Chuck Norris is Bruce's adversary in the final fight scene. Again, this film surpasses all records set by his previous two films.

1972 - December 28 (Age 32): Oakland Bruce's brother, James, dies of "Black Lung."
Enter the Dragon

1973 - February (Age 33): Hong Kong - Bruce gets his chance at American stardom as filming of Enter the Dragon begins while Game of Death is put on hold. It is the first-ever production between the US and Hong Kong film industries.
On February 20, Bruce is guest of honour at St. Francis Xavier's school for Sports Day ceremonies.

1973 (Age 33): Los Angeles - Grace Lee, Bruce's sister, sees Bruce in Los Angeles, CA. Bruce tells her that he does not expect to live much longer and that she is not to worry about finances as he will make sure she is provided for. She rebukes him for talking that way.

1973 - April (Age 33): Hong Kong - Filming of Enter the Dragon is completed.
Bruce is at Golden Harvest Studios in Hong Kong dubbing his voice for "Enter The Dragon". The air conditioners had been turned off, so the microphones won't pick them up. The temperature soared. Bruce takes a break looping lines to go to the bathroom and splash water on his face. In he bathroom, he passes out on the bathroom floor. He revives twenty minutes later just as an assistant sent to find out what was keeping him walks in and discovers him on the ground. He tries to conceal his collapse by acting as though he has dropped his glasses on the floor and is searching for them and is helped up by the assistant. As they are walking back to the dubbing room, Bruce collapses again and is rushed to a nearby hospital.

1973 - July 10 (Age 33): Hong Kong - Bruce Lee is walking through the Golden Harvest Studios and overhears Lo Wei in a nearby room bad mouthing him. He confronts Lo Wei who retreats and summons the local police. When the police arrive Lo Wei falsely accuses Bruce of threatened him with a knife concealed in his belt buckle. He further insists that Bruce sign a statement that he will not harm him. Bruce signs the statement to get Lo Wei off his back although Lo Wei lied to the police and Bruce never had a knife nor threatened to kill him.

That same day, Bruce appears on the Hong Kong TV show, Enjoy Yourself Tonight with host Ho Sho Shin. Bruce alludes to his problems with director Lo Wei, but does not mention him by name. Bruce is asked to display his physical prowess and demonstrates his abilities. Bruce demonstrates a technique and Shin is hurled across the stage. The show of power causes the press to indite Bruce in the paper and accuse him of bullying the talk show host though this was not the case.

1973 - July 16 (Age 33): Hong Kong - Heavy rains fall caused by a typhoon off the coast of Hong Kong. Bruce makes a $200 phone call to speak to Unicorn in his hotel room, who is filming a movie in Manila. Bruce tells Unicorn that he is worried about the many headaches he is experiencing.

1973 - July 18 (Age 33): Hong Kong - A bad Feng Shui deflector, placed on the roof of Bruce's Cumberland Road home in Hong Kong is blown off the roof by heavy rain and winds. The deflector had been placed on the house to protect Bruce and family from bad Feng Shui; previous owners had all been plagued by financial disaster and it was believed that this was because of the incorrect positioning of the house. The deflector was to ward off evil spirits.

1973 - July 20 (Age 33): Hong Kong - Early in the morning Bruce types a letter to his attorney, Adrian Marshall, detailing business ventures he wants to discuss on his upcoming trip to Los Angeles. Bruce had tickets already set to return to the US for a publicity tour and was scheduled to appear on the Johnny Carson show.

Raymond Chow goes by Bruce's house and the two discuss plans for their upcoming movie Game of Death. Linda kisses Bruce goodbye and says she is going out to run some errands and will see him later that night.

Raymond and Bruce visit Betty Ting Pei at her apartment to discuss her role in Game of Death. That evening plans had been made for them all to meet George Lazenby over dinner and enlist him for a part. Bruce explains that he has a headache, takes a prescription pain killer offered by Betty, and lies down on her bed to rest prior to dinner. Raymond Chow departs and says that he will meet them later.

Raymond Chow and George Lazenby meet at a restaurant and await Bruce and Betty's arrival, but the two never show up. At 9:00 p.m. Chow receives a call from Betty; she said that she has tried to wake Bruce up but he won't come to.

Betty summons her personal physician who fails to revive Bruce and who has Bruce taken to the hospital. Bruce does not revive and is pronounced dead. The doctor's are surprised that he had lasted as long as he did that night but unfortunately Betty did not get him help as soon as she could have.

Bruce Lee dies in Hong Kong of an apparent cerebral edema (swelling of the brain). After much confusion and debate, doctors declared the death of Bruce Lee as "death by misadventure." Enter the Dragon was delayed from its initial premieres a four days later because of the actors death.

1973 - July 25 (Age 33): Hong Kong - A funeral ceremony is held for friends and fans in Hong Kong consisting of over 25,000 people. Bruce is dressed in the Chinese outfit he wore in Enter the Dragon.

Bruce's Gravestone
1973 - July 30 (Age 33): Seattle - After a smaller second ceremony in Seattle, Washington at Butterworth Funeral Home on East Pine Street, Bruce Lee is buried at Lake View Cemetery. His pallbearers included Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Danny Inosanto, Taky Kimura, Peter Chin, and his brother, Robert Lee.

1973 - August 24 Hollywood - Enter The Dragon premiers at Graumann's Chinese Theatre. The movie is a success, and Bruce Lee achieves world-wide fame.

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