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Membership Fee


After the first two months of 'initiation trial period', I hope you have enjoyed and benefited from Master Wai-Po Tang's sessions. I am pleased to inform you that you are invited to join the Martial Art Institute UK member's club.



Annual Membership: £65

Uniform: £35

Monthly Tuition Fee (for members): £50-£80 subject to locations

As a member you can take advantage of training at various M.A.I. clubs in the UK or other countries if working abroad or holiday (Sweden). Also, you may participate in the organisation's events such as social functions, grading, seminars, competitions and lower tuition fees than non-members. The membership fee also covers some of the costs of administration (paperwork) and club training equipments. The membership fee is £65 p.a. (includes license, free club t-shirt worth £20, training log sheet & new membership card worth £5).

All members must be licensed via the national governing body British National Martial Arts Association (BNMAA), this licence also provides insurance cover (Third party liability cover only) during training within the Martial Art Institute UK. Also, the BNMAA licence permits attendances to the BNMAA competitions, seminars and other events. The licence fee is inclusive of the annual membership fee as mentioned above.

The uniform is an important etiquette of the organisation, and members are advised to order the club's black Kung Fu trousers and black sash at your earliest convenience. The trousers sizes height 120cm, 130, 140,150...

The tuition fees for members remain excellent value at £50-70 per month (one session a week), and allow you to train additional sessions at £5 each.

You can make payments to your resident instructor or the assistant instructor. I hope you will continue to enjoy and benefit from the Kung Fu classes








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