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Anatomical Positions of Wing Chun Gates

Master Tang developed the Martial Art Institute Syllabus in 1986, and its purposes were to provide a sound learning structure and to offer a platform that will aid continuous progress. Although modelled on the traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu, the syllabus adopts heavily on the sports sciences theories and principles. It also considers other martial arts disciplines as a part of the study.


  • Level 1 Focusses on a general foundation of upperbody movements, and emphasise on psychological and physical aspects of self defence techniques. Techniques based on the Wing Chun first form, Sil Lim Tao Form.

  • Level 2 Focusses on non-linear strikes, basic kicks, maintain high on self defence but introduce more traditional art or artistic drills as well. Understand Sil Lim Tao Form, and interpretations of the sparring techniques and street defence techniques

  • Level 3 Focusses on equally on sport combat, self-defence and traditional art. Basic interdisciplinary approach. Advance models of sparring. Chi Sau. Chum Kil Form.

  • Level 4 Focusses highly on competitive sport combat. High fitness. Advance Sparring - Trapping, Elbows, Knees, Grappling, Throws and Striking.

  • Level 5a Focusses equally on street defence and Traditional art. Bui Tse Form. Advance Chi Sau. Preparation for extreme self defence. Movement Analysis. Upright Grappling.

  • Level 5b Focusses highly on extreme self defence - examine and produce models of various fighting ranges and its applications; team combat; mental toughness. Technique Analysis.

  • Level 5c Focusses highly on extreme self defence - conduct basic researches and produce written evaluations. Modelling and Simulations on real life scenarios. Disseminate wooden dummy form. Strategic analysis.

  • Level 6 Focusses on art; Weapon training; Dissemination of the armed combat. Applied armed combat. Strategic analysis.

  • Level 7 Focus on art and self defence; Dissemination of different martial art disciplines. Study of lethal and non-lethal armed combat. Strategic analysis.

  • Level 8 The journey of enlightenment - Research and Development.








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