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What We Do

The rationale(s) for martial art training is so varied among the general population. More often, most people uptake martial arts for self-defence or improve fitness or sport-competitions or to learn a traditional art and the Eastern cultures.

We teach you these aspects, with a fun approach to training and explaining the theories and concepts of various techniques. We understand the different needs of our students, which can range from a fun recreational level to a competitive level. Whatever you wish to focus on, our instructors will be happy to help.

Take a look at the video clip glossary of the the beginners Level 1 Syllabus


Kung Fu

Wai Po Tang in Wing Chun Third Form punch

A traditional discipline of Chinese martial arts - Wing Chun. Students/clients will experience the basic philosophies and theories and practice of the Wing Chun short range combative techniques - made famous by the late Bruce Lee. This programme will require a reasonable level of self motivation and self discipline, and learning technical classical skills. The training is based on the MAI syllabus, which contains 8 levels (encompasses Art, Sport and self defence).



ladies kick boxing
A fitness routine, based on the Martial Arts Institute's 'impact training' programme. The movements and training structure derive from Chinese kickboxing 'Shan Shou' and Thai boxing 'Muay Thai'. The students are taken through a set of movements and apply it on to the pads and bags. The main focus is to improve health and fitness only. This will be a very energetic and a fun workout session, and does not require as much technical skills as required for a traditional art. Those students wish to take kickboxing further level can compete in various tournaments, subject to further specific training.

Sweden MAI fighters engaged


Self Defence

Alley attack by a street thug

This programme focusses on the practicality of close quarters unarmed combat, which utilises a multi or interdisciplinary approach (mixed martial arts disciplines). It does not only focus on simple physical skills but also mental strategy. For example understanding psychological states and performance during a highly stressful or a chaotic situation. This session is a great way applying simple learned skills and knowledge and apply it in a very simple and direct manner. This can be very useful for most people.







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